Each S'mores Kit contained the following:
- A bag of mini marshmallows, mini "Graham Crackers" (Golden Grahams), and chocolate chips
- A toothpick for roasting the marshmallows
- Birthday candles that fit into the candle holder on top of the box
- A couple matchsticks (to be ignited on the match strike paper on the top of the box)
I designed and hand-lettered the fun S'mores-puns on the tops of the boxes. There were four designs in all - had to have some variety, just like normal children's Valentines cards. I also made a large S'more Valentines box to go with it of course!
Needed some Glamour Shots of all my boxes on shiny red paper!
Boxed up and ready to take to my friends! (and one for me of course!)
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