My name is Jacqueline Angela Schultz, and I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (class of 2019). I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to England in Spring of 2021.
I am a highly motivated professional who is positive, enthusiastic, and supportive.
Currently, I am a freelance designer and illustrator, looking for either a hybrid or remote full-time design position in England. My last full time position was at the Dick's Sporting Goods Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.
I have both in-house and remote design experience! Some of my clients include Crayola, FamilyLife, Liquid Interactive, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Dirthob, and various  family/friends.
I love to play ice hockey for the Milton Keynes Falcons development team, rock climb, bake, craft, collect mini things, and play with my two kitties - Beans and Peanut.
Freelance Graphic Designer March 2020 - Present
•2022 Clients: Liquid Interactive, Dirthob, Kunio MItsuma, Sharon Lawrence
•Past Clients: Crayola, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, FamilyLife

 Associate Graphic Designer for Dick's Sporting Goods Headquarters
•October 2019 - March 2020•Pittsburgh, PA (in-house)
Associate Graphic Designer for Tailored Marketing
•June 2019 - October 2019•Pittsburgh, PA (in house)
•Crayola (Easton, PA - Spring 2019), 
•FamilyLife (Little Rock, AR - Summer 2018)
•321Blink (Pittsburgh, PA - Summer 2017)
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