Creating new or modifying existing Amazon Listings for our products was a large chunk of my job.
Below you can take a look at a listing I created for our Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater!
We used Photoshop to edit digital renders or photos of our products into stock images.
Often times, when presented with a very specific location that we needed to find quality stock imagery for, we would also need to Photoshop the people into the setting as well.
The photo on the left is the stock image we chose, while the photo on the right is the final image for the listing. Both the product and the woman on the picture to the right were digitally edited into the photo.
Below is a look at listings of our Outdoor Infrared Patio Heater. On the left is the old version, the right is the one I created.
The goal for this project was to include more lifestyle images of people using the product, as well as incorporating the blue and orange brand colors more prominently.
For Amazon Listings, we created two types of images - General Images (GIs) as seen above...
....and Enhanced Brand Content (EBCs) as seen below
General Images are the square images you see in the products thumbnail and at the very top of the listing (first thing you see when you click on the product), while Enhanced Brand Content images are below the main listing, and an opportunity to talk even more about the products' perks.
The above EBCs are in German because ProBreeze products (and most of 1RG's brands) sell in multiple countries. So once we completed a listing, we would translate all of our listings into 7 different languages - English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, and Swedish.
^ Loved Photoshopping these fun and vibrant EBC images for our patio heater!
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