Creating new or modifying existing Amazon Listings for our products was a large chunk of my job.
Below you can take a look at this Heated Throw Listing that I created!
As this was my first project at One Retail Group, I learned very quickly that Photoshopping blankets is one of the most difficult things you can do. In order to Photoshop the blanket onto brand-approved stock imagery, you had to first take product photos in the same shape and size as would fit the people in the image.
See below, the stock photo on the left without any blanket, and then the final image with the heated blanket.
Creating images that brought focus to the heated blanket's vibrant color was also so important to this listing! As it was being sold in three different colors, we wanted that to be the main focus. So to achieve this, we used white and washed out backgrounds primarily.
This obviously also meant that I needed to create the listing three times - Photoshopping each image of the blanket from blue to red to grey. It was not a quick and easy process!
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