All images in the 2020 Q1 footwear section were collaboratively chosen by myself and my former boss, Karl Fritzman. I organized and created all signage files, sent them to the photo editors for retouching with detailed notes, and packaged final files for test prints and nation-wide printing over a 1 month period (mid-December 2019 to late January of 2020).
The above image is a photo of the 2020 Q1 footwear department after being released and set up in store. There is a mixture of model shots, textures, and close up images of shoes called "macro shots" that we placed on walls, tables, gondolas, and endcaps.
Above is the final photo we used for the youth table display. In the past, all the footwear imagery was black and white, but we wanted to re-introduce color in a subtle way to highlight the new collection of fun, multicolored shoes for adults and kids. All model photography featured neutral colored clothing with brightly colored shoes to draw the customer's attention.
After mocking this image up on a real display, it was approved and sent for print nationally.
See below
All in all, we implemented around 40 images, textures, and macro shots throughout the Footwear section. We also were tasked with creating multiple size variations of these signs for other stores with different setups and fixtures.
Above is an example of a macro shot used for wall signage. I took the photo on the left with my iPhone (it's the tread of a Nike Infinity React shoe), and then zoomed in to achieve the close up shot on the right. I submitted my shot to one of our professional photographers, and he shot it again with a much nicer camera for resolution purposes. I added in the die cuts to the file, and below is the finished product on the wall!
I created a large 40 page deck with visual floorplans and mockups as an overview to guide the reader throughout the footwear department. Each section of the department has a set color, and each fixture was assigned a letter for easy locating. We created 5 versions of this for our senior manager and other department heads that had roles in selecting imagery for the footwear section - before it was approved for final print.
An early concept/mockup of the main wall before a few fixtures and shoes shifted around^
Footwear is one of DSG's most financially vital departments. Being part of the Footwear team was very rewarding and extremely challenging. Due to the importance of the section, many were involved in the process. We would receive changes and feedback almost daily. 
This caused me to grow in the following ways: 
• I became more flexible with my design and image choices - offering up multiple options every time
• I became more organized within my files to implement changes smoothly and quickly
• I learned a LOT about the subtleties of image selection in retail environments.
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