The May 2019 Crayola Experience Craft Theme was "Endangered Animals."
I was asked to create two fun crafts that children could color, cut out, and interact with. One was a sea turtle, and the other was an orangutan.
Above is my personal favorite, the turtle craft!
Kids got to color, add fun accessories to, and cut out the turtle so that it has a 3D pop up shell.
Below you can see the first attempt of creating the orangutan, and to the right is the second (and final) attempt with a 3D pop out smiling mouth. Smoothing the edges made it easier for children to cut out, and we gave him wider arms so that kids could more easily wrap him around their arm or neck as they traveled through the theme park.
June 2019's theme was "Superheroes." I was instructed to create a shield, masks, and fun comic book phrases for children to color, cut out, and stick on their shields.
Below are the first and second attempts at the comic book phrases.
Adding textures really elevated the illustrations!
Below are the shield and mask crafts. I had a ton of fun with these also!
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