Some of my first projects were working on the Time off With Santa and Trick or Treat 365 coloring books. My two main responsibilities were digitally coloring in the sticker pages, and using crayons to color a sample page - which were then printed on the back of the coloring book. 
The coloring book layout and illustrations were done by Crayola freelancers and employees. Coloring the back page and stickers that I worked on were the finishing touches needed before being sent to print and ship.
The above sticker pages were colored in Adobe Illustrator by me.
Each sticker needed three layers of vector colors - base colors, shadows, and highlights.
My favorite stickers were from the Day Off With Santa coloring book. 
is a close-up look at some of he detail put into the stickers.
Below are the backs of the coloring books.
I colored in drawings from both books using crayons, and then these were placed onto the back of both final books for print and sale.
Working on the Crayola design team was an unforgettable experience, and I learned so much!
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